What is Vaisakhi
Vaisakhi is the celebration day for the whole world to honor the Lord's revelation to the World of the pride in Khalsa.  Khalsa is the identity of God.  Khalsa means pure.  Khalsa is a student of God.  Khalsa is a person who has accepted and kept his promise with God for His anointment of education of the God’s laws.  Khalsa is a person who follows God's rules and teaches others.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the Lord Himself on this Vaisakhi day, blessed upon the whole mankind a special pride of the God’s students, the identity of the Khalsa.  On Vaisakhi day 1699 God himself blessed and anointed His first 5 beloved ones and set the course for the world to follow.  God Himself ordered on the Vaisakhi day all men from all or any religion to seek the anointment from the 5 beloved ones.  If anyone wants to see or reach God they must follow this order that is unchallengeable, unchangeable, undisputable, uncontestable, undefeatable and is very simple.  Guru Gobind Singh Ji said, “The Lord Himself lives inside the Khalsa”.

Life is a game for God.  When the Lord set out the game of life He set out His rules for not only how to play also what to avoid.  The Lord also set out the penalties and punishments and His enforcement plan and enforcer (the death judge).

Like in any game we play there are ground rules. There are usually two teams or players play against each other and they play their best when both sides are equal strengths, equal resources and same rules for both sides.  There is usually a referee acceptable to both teams who hands out penalties and punishments for violations.

Who are The Lord's two teams? and Where is the playground

1) Mind – Your mind corrupted with Maya (the devil).  The devil's job is to pull people away from reaching the Lord.  The Lord has given much power and strength of attractions to the devil to pull you away from the Lord.

 2) Soul – You have a living soul inside you that makes you walk, talk, work and do things.  Amrit is your defensive system to defeat the devil, (the promise with God to follow His education of anointment) available only with blessing of the Lord from his 5 beloved ones. The Lord's anointment is learning the order of the Lord, taking vows to follow them under his oath. Much of this involves giving up all the attractions of the devil.

3) The playground is your body, which is now controlled by your mind and the mind is corrupted with Maya (devil).  God created mostly level playing field, if anything devil’s presences are more visible and wide spread then God’s.  Making it tougher for you learn and know God and defeat the devil.  Your body has a soul.  Your soul is the Son of God.  Your body without soul is dead.  The game is for your soul not to listen to your mind and to defeat all of the devil’s obstacles to be one with God.  The difficulty is that man can’t see Maya.  It is almost impossible to defeat an invisible enemy.  Just like scientists use infrared to see invisible or hidden enemies, we the Sons of God, can use God’s Amrit to see our enemies and defeat them.

Both of these teams, Maya and Amrit, have existed since beginning of creations.  God placed Himself in form of Guru Nanak and revealed to the world that Amrit is God’s true education with a promise to follow and teach others.

Before Guru Nanak, God ‘s true education was available only from the divinely anointed person who had presence and had been one with God. People had to travel miles and miles to get true word of the Lord (the anointment of education).  The Lord’s rules were always the same as they are today; not to cut hair and follow His order.  There has always been false Prophets, as they still exist today to give their own anointment and lead people the wrong way.

The Lord set ground rules on this Vaisakhi day and told us what are our duties, what we have to do or not do and the Lord's RULES TO GET THE LORD'S ANOINTMENT of education FOR THE WHOLE WORLD.  He also explained the rules on how to defeat the devil, reach from within, have inner peace and attain salvation in home of the Lord.

There are five main ingredients in preparation of the holy Amrit. 1) Batta (pure iron bowl) 2) Khanda (double edge sword) 3) Pani (Water) 4) Patasai (sugar chips) 5) Bani (Praises of God’s word).  First Guru Gobind Singh Ji while reading Lord's praises placed God’s words of promise to follow into the water in the iron bowl with double-edged sword and mixed with sugar chips thus prepared The Lord's Amrit (the promise with God to follow His education of anointment).

Then Guru Gobind Singh Ji first called upon His 5 beloved ones to come to the stage to partake in the promise to follow Lord's education of Amrit.  Guru Gobind Singh Ji first blessed Amrit (anointment) to those 5 beloved ones and gave them new identity of Khalsa, new strength, new appearance and a new last name of Singh (a lion). Everyone who partakes with this promise with God to follow His Education of anointment (Amrit) will use "Singh" meaning as strong and fearless as a Lion, for men and "Kaur" meaning princess for women.

Guru God himself then asked for the same blessings of the same anointment from those 5 beloved ones.  This is how Guru God Himself became servant to His followers who follow and uphold His laws.  Guru Gobind Singh Ji said when you maintain His commandments of Amrit the Lord can become your servant.  He passed the power of administration to His Amrit ceremony of to His 5 beloved ones that he created on this Vaisakhi day.  Guru Gobind Singh Ji told the whole world rules of the Lord and how to attain and remain in the company of the Lord.

Ask the Lord for forgiveness and bless upon you His Amrit (anointment).  Without the Lord's blessing NO ONE can be blessed with Lord's Amrit.  Guru Gobind Singh Ji ordered the whole world that the Lord's word is the Lord; Worship the Lord's word as the living Lord; compiled in the form of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.  This Amrit ceremony can only take place in presence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji to be performed by his 5 beloved ones appointed by the Guru Sahib.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji changed this method of anointment of the Lord from seeking a person to the 5 beloved ones who live by His order.

Learn and follow God’s will and God’s commands TO WIN THIS GAME OF LIFE.