What does Kneeling mean and why kneel before God

When we kneel (matha take) before Guru Granth Sahib ji as God for one we are asking for forgiveness.  We are asking God to bless us with his love.  We are asking God to keep us close to Him.  We are asking God to show us your way or what is important to Him.

Most fathers want their kids to become like them or learn and adapt their rules and qualities and habits.  If the father is a doctor and the son want to become a doctor he would have to read and learn the same rules and lessons and pass the same test.  Guru Sahib ji say the same thing; if you love me and you are doing matha take to me than learn what is matha take  and what it means and follow my rules.  When a scientist does a sucessfull experiment they publish the results in an aritcle or a book. if you want to either recreate the same experiment or see the same results you would have to do the same experiment follow all the same conditionsts and all the do and don'ts.  if you just do the matha take to the book published the author you won't get or see the same results.  Guru sahib ji say the same thing learn what is matha take and follow the instructions of my order.

Kneeling or matha take before God has become a joke or game to most people now days.  people are doing matha take to God like worshiping the idols or statues or pictures, not only the have forgotten the meaning or purpose or value of matha take and they are doing matha take without thinking what they are do and whom they are doing to.   If you think just dropping a dollar or two or more or rubbing your nose on the floor in front of the Guru is gona make Guru sahib ji happy.  Wrong!, Guru sahib ji doesn't need your money or see you rubbing your nose while not accepting Him or His way of life.  Guru sahib ji uneffected with your matha take.   Do you know any person or business where you can give them your defected or broker or dirty goods and have them either clean them or get a new ones free.  Only guru sahib ji will take your dirty mind (dirty crupted mat) when you do matha take give you his mat when you do matha take with your mind and bless you with his way of life and send you to 5 beloved ones for amrit shuk.

When we kneel before Guru Granth Sahib ji as God; we forget who or what we are, who or part of us is there to matha take, or who we are matha taking to.  Is it only that our bodies are there for matha take or is our mind there too and if either our mind is not there or we don't do matha of our mind, what good is your matha take of the body only.  Without your mind's willingness to learn or accept Guru sahib ji's order matha take is worthless and Guru sahib ji doesn't care or want your matha take.

If we think even for one moment that Guru sahib ji is actually there and inside of you at the same time when we are doing matha take, as non amrit shuk person, you would think twice before doing matha take because you would feel inadequate about yourself and shamed that you have not learned or adapted any of Guru sahib ji's teaching.  If we as even amrit shak people don't even feel adequate enough that we haven't learned or lived up to or good enough to be in presence of Guru sahib.  How can a non amrit shak person would feel good enough, Guru Sahib ji probably say how dare you come without learning or adapting even his first rule.  During matha take Guru Sahib ji is telling us is to do the following;

1) Follow the rules of whom just knelt to and did matha take and become son of God.

2) Give up all of your bad habit and previous beliefs or religions accept only Guru Granth Sahib ji as God.

3) Present yourself in presence of Guru Granth Sahib ji to 5 beloved ones and accept and learn to recite the Name of God as waheguru.  the 5 beloved ones grant you this Naam recitation. They also teach you how to live your live according God's rules and what is acceptable to God to reach Him.

Once you have presented yourself to 5 beloved ones they will tell you following things to do and not do;

1) Do not cut your hair from anywhere on the body.  to learn more on hair read this link...God's Hair